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Oct 31 2009

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Despite several rumours regarding  in endhiran shooting, Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai have been formally announced to portray the lead roles. The film is expected to cost 165 crores, one of the highest ever film budgets of the Indian film industry.Due to financial problems led by the currently ongoing global market recession. Production rights have now been sold to the Chennai-based Sun Pictures.The film is expected to be released worldwide in april 2010.


Sultan The Warrior is a forthcoming Indian feature computer-animation film. The film is expected to be released worldwide in January 2010 with 3,500 prints, the highest amount yet in Indian cinema, and is expected to be released in eighteen different languages, including English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.It will be produced and directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth, daughter of Rajinikanth.

Oct 31 2009

Endhiran is Prepared for Release on April 2010

Rajini’s Enthiran Shooting on progress, Director Shankar has sought the assistance of Hollywood technicians to finish the climax of Endhiran. With only two songs and the climax scene to be completed, Enthiran should keep its date with audiences worldwide on 2010 Tamil New Year’s day.


Keeping in mind the importance of the sequence, Shankar is gathering to show the Superstar in a way not seen earlier in any Indian film. The highlight will be the clash of the Rajinikanth  and Robo Rajini showing its displeasure on the scientist.

Oct 31 2009

Endhiran pictures

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The shoot of this mega budget film had been on the roll from September 2008.Now 90% of the film’s shoot is over and 2 song sequences with some part of the climax fight are there to be shot, say the sources.

Moreover the scenes which will be shot with the help of blue matte(Mattes are used in photography and special effects filmmaking to combine two or more image elements into a single, final image) will be done in Prasad Studios.

Appada… Oru Vazhiya Shoot Mudiyapodhu…

Oct 27 2009

Endhiran Shooting To Wrap-Up Soon

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Shooting of Endhiran, the much awaited movie, directed by Shankar having Superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai on the lead role is going to wrap-up soon. It seems there are only few scenes to be shot more.









There are some fight sequences in the climax to be shot which is scheduled at VIT College. Endhiran making started with the song sequence in Peru and it has reached this stage with shooting in Goa, Chennai and Vellore. According to the source 90-95% of the shooting is over.

This film is expected to break many records. This is believed to be the highest budget film ever made in Tamil cinema, most probably Indian cinema.

Oct 26 2009

Endhiran Photo Gallery

          Endhiran is a forthcoming science-fiction Tamil–language film being directed by S. Shankar and producer C. Karunamoorthy, chief executive of Ayngaran International who were set to distribute the film along with Eros Labs.Oscar fame A R Rahman had already composed 5 songs and all the songs will be recorded at a Mumbai studio soon. Endhiran, starring Superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai, is being filmed at a hectic pace. Rajinikanth plays a dual role as Robot and a scientist. Enthiran-4Endhiran-5    enthiran-the-robot-leaked-on-location-stills-more-1Enthiran-1 Enthiran         .


Oct 26 2009

Enthiran Robo Rajini

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Shankar has hired a young boy who has a doctorate in robotics, this young boy is the 2nd son of Vairamuthu, Karkhi who like his father wrote the lyrics for songs but stasis an assistant shankar because as I’ve said previously he has a PhD in Australia.

Now the team of Shankar is at chennai finally some scene of the film, they are exactly Sirucheri SIPCOT industrial estate it has learned that shankar has bought a strange brand volvo bus he converted into satellite remote sensing lab, which has cost 50 lakhs, knowing that 60 lakhs approximately 1600 euro so do the math.

In the scene the gang antique robot in the bus, but that seems rajini is not present in the shooting, it’s some place else that will make this scene into a robot rajini