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Nov 05 2009

About Enthiran-The CG work

Posted by admin in Endhiran Movie News

And about Enthiran, their latest? “Hopefully, the intensity of visual effects in Enthiran should make every frame a much-talked about one. The pre-production took one and a half years and we’ve been working on the CG of the film for about two years now! But when hard work gets recognised what more can we ask for?”says Srinivas,the CG engineer.


Indian Artists first studied the European complexion in detail. When compared to the hero’s dark complexion, Srinivas found fair skin to be more translucent. Meticulously, K.V. Anand, ‘ Sivaji’s cinematographer, re-shot every single movement of Rajinikanth, with Jacky, a young English woman, with flushed cheeks, whose skin was later to be digitally grafted on the superstar. (Jacky was one of the many dancers, who swayed to the beats of ‘Oru Koodai’ in the background.) For every shot, Anand had to change the lighting to suit the fair skin and vice versa. All of the 630 shots of the hero and the other 630 with Jacky were scanned in 4K resolution to enhance clarity. The parts of the body (face, hands and legs) of the two that had been captured in the 9000 scanned frames were then separated, and the white skin was mapped on Rajinikanth’s image using software.The CG work is said to be an innovation, the Sivaji achievement has been noticed in CG circles.The same CG will going to rock in endhiran among worldwide.

The endhiran director shankar wish the much talented CG team on this special occasion and wish them the very best for their hard work they are doing for Enthiran.

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