Jan 24

I might be an actress, but I am a normal woman as well and I was so shocked and broken down in spirits on witnessing such things. My family members haven’t still come out of the shock. It nearly took around 3 months time to come out of it. We had to mentally prepare ourselves to act against such injustice.

Lenin Karuppan has been constantly framing you.

He has been vague with his words as he himself isn’t confident with his statements. Just go through his statements from the past one year. They’re so different from each other. But now the real story will begin and truth will come out to speak on its turn.

In your complaint, we get to see a new name Aarthi?

Aarthi has been the ardent devotee of Swami Nithyanandha for past 5 years. Having got married, she flew down to United States of America and she developed an affair with Lenin Karuppan. Since I got to hear that they were behind this issue, I have mentioned her name as well in the complaint.

Rumors are that you have left your children for the sake of Swami Nithyanandha.

First thing. I don’t have children

We hear that you’re still under the custody of Swami Nithyanandha.

I am not under anyone’s custody and no one can control me.

How did you manage to lead a peaceful life through these speculative days?

All thanks to my family members for their love and support. If they weren’t by my side, I wouldn’t have been alive at this moment. Apart from them, I felt the blessings of Swami Nithyanandha though I didn’t meet him in person. I think any ardent followers of spiritual leaders will understand my experiences.

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