Aug 16

One Response to “Endhiran Robot Latest Stills”

  1. Mohan says:

    My dear shankar and Rajani Sir,
    you both are famous for your work and talent. then why do you leave small things behind after making such a big project worth around 100 - 150 crores. I beleive and always expect a perfection in this combination of Shankar and Rajini. The point is recently your ROBO audio is released. Does any one Shankar or Rajani or Kalanidhi Maran or AR Rehman did ever noticed how is the lyrics and does it suites such a big movie. No. No one (who is responsible to look after) literally ignored on lyrics. The lyrics in the songs are putting down such a movie. Better concentrate on the lyrics once again as you guys have time in hand. Atleast correct the lyrics on the screen.
    In my opinion multi lingual films shall not become like dubbing movie to tamil original movie. Telugu language is a good lanuage. Dont try to fit exact tamil suitable telugu word. Like in Harima song what is yantruda? what is the meaning of yantruda in telugu? does any one uses this word in regular telugu language? I really feel pity for the people who are mad after Shankar, Rajini and A R Rehman. It is damn insult to telugu language. Better correct it.

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