Jul 31


If you think that the Endhiran storm has already created enough hype, you are wrong. Now the hottest news is that the songs of Endhiran are out on the internet.

All the Endhiran songs came out great. Endhiran Songs is the masterpiece from the Music Veteran A.R. Rahman

It is time for movie-buffs to go crazy for the King of South and the ravishing diva of Bollywood are going to star in a film together. Yes ! Rajnikant and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are appearing together for the first time on the silver screen in Endhiran-The Robot.

While Endhiran audio release is going to be on July 31, but searches for the soundtrack of the movie such as endhiran songs download, enthiran mp3, enthiran mp3 free download,  on the internet have already begun.  The music release will be a star studded occasion in Malaysia.

According to sources, a message has been sent by Chief Minister N Karunanidhi for Endhiran and is going to be read out at the prestigious ceremony.

The music of the film is being launched by Think Audio. The copyrights of the music of the movie have been acquired by the company for a whooping 7 crore. The film is going to be released under Sun Pictures productions.

The songs of Endthiran have been composed by none other than the creator of music masterpieces, A.R. Rahman, who has created various soulful songs in the past, and therefore the expectations from the music of Endhiran are quite high. Till the movie releases, we are waiting with baited breath for the magnificent music release of Endhiran at Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. Selvam, Sivagangai says:

    Don’t hate me for saying this. This album is the weakest musical output from A R Rahman for a RajiniKanth movie. It is a good attempt on Rahman’s part to work within the confines of a Robot theme. To produce 6 songs all on the same theme is very limiting. Won’t blame it on Rahman. But sorry folks this album doesn’t have a place on my shelf or my hard disk. I hope the songs turn out well with the visuals.

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