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Endhiran Songs

Adhering to the sentiment of any Rajini film, Endhiran also will have the intro song of super star sung by the veteran singer S P Balasubramaniam. The song goes like this:

Naan kandadhu aararivu, nee kondadhu perarivu

(I have witnessed six senses, (but) you are bestowed with erudition)

Naan katradhu aaru mozhi, nee katradhu nooru mozhi

I have learnt six languages (but) you have learnt hundred languages)


Endhiran is about an intelligent scientist Dr Vaseegaran who is well versed in the latest technological innovations of science. He creates a robot which looks just like a human and has all the features of a normal man. He introduces this robot to the world. At one point, the human-look a like robot goes out of control and the cascading events form the main storyline of Endhiran. The technical team comprising members from Endhiran crew and Sun TV are leaving for Malaysia today to oversee the arrangements for audio release on 31st July.

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  1. Ashok Vaish says:

    I’m waiting eagerly to the audio release of The Evergreen ENDHIRAN..:-) I LOVE RAJNI SO MUCH:-)

  2. Aravindh raj thalai va im waiting u 2 c after 3 years says:

    im eagerly waiting 2 c my super star movie and 2 hear the songs also. i cant able 2 sleep at night becoze im thinking how the songs and i saw the introduction songs it was very nice.im sure that songs going rock all over the world. i love rajini sir very much………..

  3. sharath says:

    i am waiting for the movie and i want to c the film first day first show in p.v.r cinemas(sky walk)

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