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Nov 09 2009

Endhiran video song leaked

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Two songs from the Rajinikanth-Aishwarya Rai starrer Endhiran has found its way to The footage, which runs to about four minutes, is of good clarity and shows Rajini and Ash rehearsing with a host of dancers at the backdrop. With both sound as well as visual clarity, the two songs are creating waves among the movie buffs. YouTube is said to have recorded over 13,000 hits so far. It is worth mentioning here that Oscar winner AR Rahman had scored the music for Endhiran.

endhiran leaked songs

Since it is not a copyright infringement, the Endhiran team cannot ask YouTube to remove it from the site, sources say. Rajinikanth and Shankar are furious over this leak and it needs to be seen if the songs will be replaced.

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  1. brahmaiah Says:

    it is one of the publicity stunt

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