Sep 13

Endhiran - Theatrical trailer - The movie looks awesome.

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  1. Karthi says:

    As the information collected from various places in tamilnadu,nearly 85% of people were eagerly waiting for endhiran movie.They are eagerly waiting to see rajinikanth after two years interval.Some rajini fans saying that they will not allow to release endhiran dvd before 1 year.If any one found selling dvd they will be surely taken to police,also in each theatre 10 member to appointed as spy to see whether any one is taking videos in their mobile or digicam.

  2. Mansur says:

    Hi admin.. How are you….

    I’m one of the regular reader of

    Previously my video featured on behindwoods and here… the “Irumbile Ori Idhaiyam Song Animation”

    recently we know that the theatrical trailer is released…

    I just done a complete version of Trailer, which is combined all the trailer into one video and done some effect on existing..

    here is my video:

    I will very happy if you include this video on your recent post….

    Thank You very much

  3. robo says:

    Singam singlea thaan varum,but this time rendu singam singlea varugirathu,that is vassegaran first singam,chitti the second singam.

  4. Siva says:

    Mansur, very good job. Nicely done. Looking forward to Oct 1st. Can’t wait to see the entire movie

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