Oct 18

Kalanithi Maran, who is the producer of Endhiran/Robot, which is turning out to be the biggest hit in the history of indian cinema, did not expect that Robot would receive such an overwhelming response in north india.

He invested crores of rupees on the movie in complete faith having Superstar Rajinikanth’s charisma and the script alone in mind. His calculations did not go awry and he is in all smiles. In fact he himself did not expect that Robot, the hindi dubbed version of the movie, would get a roaring success in north.

Though he has 23 channels in south to promote the movie he was not able to promote the movie well in north as he does not have a hindi speaking channel. Despite all these drawbacks the movie is a huge hit in bollywood.

The sci-fi flick, which was released in three languages, will now be released in a 3D English version for the international market.

“We had been under pressure to complete and release Endhiran in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. But now, considering how well it was received in the North, we are looking at an English version for the international market.” says Sun Tv COO Hansraj Saxena.

"Seven minutes of footage is already in 3D, and will be added to the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions in the coming days. After the huge success of the movie, We are now looking at Tamil to Hindi, and Hindi to Tamil projects,” added Saxena

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