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Jan 27 2009

Enthiran Shooting Pictures - Ash, Rajni in Peru, Brazil

Everyone’s looking forward to Rajnikanth’s new film, Enthiran, with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Directed by ace filmmaker Shankar, the film promises to entertain.

We bring you exclusive pictures of the film, during its shooting at the historical Inca civilisational site of Machu Picchu in Peru. The film was also shot in Brazil.

Enthiran 1


The film — earlier titled Robot — was first offered to Shah Rukh Khan. After he opted out, Shankar’s favourite actor Rajnikanth stepped in.

But then the next question arose: Who would be Rajni’s heroine in the film?

Enthiran 2


Shriya Saran, Rajni’s Sivaji co-star, was considered for the role. But it eventually went to the gorgeous Ash. This is her first film with Rajni, and her second with Shankar, after Jeans.

Enthiran 3


Rajnikanth and Ash put on a flamboyant look in the film, replete with feathers, beads and sequence.

Enthiran 4


Makeup artist Ojas Rajani (left) made sure Ash looked radiant and beautiful in Enthiran.

Enthiran 5


The camera focuses on Ash getting her look right, even as Rajnikant goes for a stroll in the background.

Enthiran 6

Enthiran revolves around a robot that turns out to be a monster. It’s up to Rajnikant to destroy the monster and save everyone else.

Enthiran 7

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9 Responses to “Enthiran Shooting Pictures - Ash, Rajni in Peru, Brazil”

  1. p nehru Says:

    Endhiran filim in World Filim.

    Rajini is Oscar Actor.

  2. kalaivarathan Says:


  3. Mahadevan Says:

    its gonna rock the indian film industry. Boom boom rajni. balle balle rajni you are the best and the great forever

  4. John Says:

    LOL, he is wearing tennis shoes.

  5. ramji Says:

    shankar rocks forever….waiting for a fantastic film….

  6. booss Says:

    it’s cool baby cool yaa

  7. girinath Says:

    hey i am giri from bangalore a great fan of rajini from my childhood,desparately waiting for the movie,i congrats my super star,he his a legend of india,he his an ultimate star,when rajini acts in any movie,doesnt matter who takes the movie either shankar are any director,but hit will be hit movie because the movie runs because of super star rajini,we know its going to be hit,and not only me the bangalore people r waiting for that movie,i am telling u from my heart that i ll pray for u that you should leave more 100yrs from now,and you shd act more movies and u shd more happy with ur family and ur grand childrens any hw congrates again goodbye

  8. Kamal Says:

    Hello!!! i turned to 28 last week, I am a big fan of Rajnikanth from the time when I started watching movies. I can say there is ONLY ONE in this WORLD with lot of fans club. Everyone knows as compare to Kamalhassan he is not a very good actor. But there is something special on him….

  9. Venkataramana Says:

    Superstar’s Endhiran will be the gateway for Upcoming Indian Cinema & Regional Movies. Directoe Shankar has proven himself in many Occasions, But Endhiran Is going to be Unforgettable Moments to him. After watching the Movie, Each and every Indian’s will Feel Proud about Rajinikanth & Shankar This is going to happen Undoutedly. SUPERSTAR YOU ARE THE BEST IN INDIAN CINEMA.

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