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Oct 18

Hi Everybody,

‘Endhiran the robot’ film is in theatres now. I couldn’t be in touch with you guys for a long time since I was doing post production, release, theatre rounds and promotional activities till yesterday.

Thanks to everyone all over the world who enjoyed, supported and appreciated the film. Thanks to the press and all medias. I am very happy that the film is appreciated by the critics as well and was given 5 stars in many reviews and 4 – 5 in others. I am delighted with the box-office records south, north and all over the world.

Many stalwarts of the Indian film industry have congratulated me in person & over phone after watching the movie. It’s a wonderful feeling, Aamir Khan after watching the film invited me to his house, appreciated and discussed about the film till early morning with his wife Kiran and Director Rajkumar Hirani.

Hrithik Roshan called & shared his excitement after watching the film. Kamalhaasan congratulated by sending flowers to me with a beautiful message.

Kannada director & actor Upendra, Actor Prakasraj and lot of directors, actors and technicians called and conveyed their heartfull appreciation.

The most exciting appreciation came from Director K Balachander. He is one who is very successful more than 30 years as a film maker and he is my role model and my initial goal is to achieve atleast 15 years like him in this field. He sent me an appreciation letter which put me in an emotional high. I couldn’t control my tears after reading it. It made me humble & has given me the energy to work even harder. I am attaching his letter here with his permission.


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