Oct 19

Endhiran/Robot box office collection 318 crores after 3 weeks

Within three weeks of its release, Endhiran/Robot has garnered 318 crores, breaking all the box office records in India! The film, which has Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and directed by Shankar, was produced by Sun Pictures at a budget of 162 crores.

Endhiran/Robot was released in 3000 screens worldwide and interestingly this film is yet to see the light of the day in countries like Japan where Rajini has a huge fan following. In spite of various reports about Endhiran’ s collections, Sun Pictures remained tightlipped for the first week. Two weeks after the release, it announced that the worldwide collections reached 225 crores for the first time. With 17 days passing, Sun Pictures has now disclosed that the collections reached 318 crores.

The dubbed version of Endhiran in Hindi was released in 800 screens and this has earned 30 crores thus far.

In Tollywood, Endhiran broke the records established by Magadheera within the first week. The Telugu Robo is well-received both in the US and UK as well.

Now, the scenario in Tamil Nadu is mind blowing as Endhiran has raked 170 crores, something that the film fraternity never witnessed.

Sathyam Cineplex’ s Jayendra Banerjee says that it is doubtful if another film will reach these figures anytime soon. Perhaps Rajini may himself break the records, he added. The Hindi version is attracting 80 percent of the audience and the Tamil version is drawing 100 percent audience, he revealed.

In the neighboring state Kerala, Endhiran is being showcased in 120 theatres and in 15 days of its release it has collected 6.12 crores. The film was exhibited by 7 Arts Vijayakumar, the man who suffered losses due to Rajini’ s Kuselan. But Endhiran’ s success has now reversed his financial position.

Popular distributor Vinod Mehra says that Endhiran is probably the only Tamil film to run successfully in Assam.

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