Oct 01

1. This is a complete masala movie with comedy, song, dance, romance, fight, sentiment.

2. The story’s base is Science Fiction – but it is a science fiction masala.

3. That means, do not expect a complete Sci-Fi genre movie like Terminator. But expect a movie like Avatar. (Indian version of Avatar).

4. It has all the ingredients to make it attractive to children, youngsters, family members, ladies and Rajini’s mass audience.

5. The last 45 – 50 minutes will be a celebration for Rajini fans.

6. The animations are never before seen in Indian cinema and takes Indian cinema to next level in terms of visual effects and animations – but it will not be comparable with hollywood animation flicks. So lower your expectations.

7. The stunt sequences are again, the best in Indian cinema, but definitely not up to Hollywood standards.

8. He was sure that the movie will be liked by Hindi audience too.

9. He was absolutely sure that Rajini’s performance as the villain will win him a National Award.

10. He was also sure that A.R. Rahman will win next year’s National Award for BGM.

11. He said that the climax Symphony based BGM by Rahman is worth even Grammy awards.

12. The one point that the Hindi audience may not like is comedy that is specific to south India. He said, they may cut there scenes in Hindi.

13. The International audience who like song and dance will enjoy the movie. But, the film will not impress international audience in general as this will be a typical Indian masala movie.

14. The movie will definitely break all records for sure.

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Sep 30

Endhiran countdown begins: The most awaited film of the year “Endhiran” is slated to hit theatres on 1st October, 2010.

The film stars South superstar Rajnikanth and Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai. Advancedbooking had started in Chennai last Saturday and within an hour all tickets were sold.

Diehard fans of Rajnikanth were seen standing in queues outside cinema halls from 3 in the morning to get their tickets.

Age is no bar with respect to Rajnikanth’s fans. His fans are gearing up to watch his most expensive and ambitious film till date.

A fan stated “Chandramukhi ran for 500 days but we’re sure Enthiran will run for a 1000 days.”

Hansraj Saxena, COO, Sun Pictures stated “In Chennai we are anticipating a minimum of 500 screens and world wide I think it will be more than 2000 screens.”

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