Oct 01

Initial rhetoric of usual Rajini introduction scene is not there, instead he is introduced in the opening scene as Dr.Vaseegaran who finds to enthuse a Robotic object into human, he creates this robot with all that a man can do and cannot do. He finally succeeds after 10 years of research, but he fails in the test by experts as it cannot have any feelings of love, compassion, attachment or obeying attitudes. He re-implants all this and gets interrupted by Danny who is jealous. Rest you have have to see in theatre and i am not going to tell you the story to remove your interest.



Endhiran Movie Highlights:

* Shankar has used technology and special effects to the core.
* Aish looking great, acted well, she looks old in some scenes.
* Rajini is just GREAT GREAT GREAT
* He takes more |Avatars, say more than 1000 and Dasavatharam is a mustard here.
* I think none other than Rajini can mantle this role and none would fit into this role.
* Excellent camera and fighting scenes, superb train stunt by chitti
* Music is good and background music is pressed to take the scenes to the new heights.
* Dont miss to take your children, 4-14, they will enjoy more than you.
* chitti (rajini villain)’s actions are superb,
* A repeat watch may be recommended.
* Songs picturisation just superb
* computer, graphics, tehno – all class
* Razor edge dialogues by sujatha – just great
* Karunas, Santhanam – a waste in the film, they have less role to play.

We MUST SALUTE SHANKAR for this great movie in Tamil. We may have seen many movies in hollywood, but to bring hollywood to kollywood – one shoudl have guts, i think he has achieved this coveted goal.

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Oct 01

Endhiran- Robo Movie review from Dubai

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