Oct 02

Tamilnadu chief minister and Dravida munnetra kalakam president Kalaignar Dr Muthuvel Karunanidhi watched "Endhiran" in a special show arranged for him and his family members at the satyam cinemas today morning at 5am.

He was welcomed by superstar rajinikanth and other members of the crew which worked in the film and chief minister seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the movie and lauded each and every one who worked in the movie

4 Responses to “Tamilnadu Chiefminister watches ‘Endhiran’ at satyam cinemas today morning at 5am”

  1. Basheer says:

    This idoit doesnt have work

  2. Vijay says:

    Fucckk u basheer son of bitchhhh bastard

  3. Common Tamilan says:

    This old man thinking he made tamil nadu & people in high living style with all the basic need…. stupid he did nothing than talking..
    wasting of time in public meeting
    wasting of people money
    making tamilan fututre…question mark
    he load money and spend it on stupid schme… and make our people poor & poor..
    better get off this world as earlier as possible..

  4. r says:

    how can u make an old man who cant even walk ur CM.
    He can even take care of himself and people of T.N expect him to take care of the whole state.

    Oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I forgot you do have Miss Jaya who is nothing but was a k……….. of MGR and u still worship her and make a K……………….. the CM.


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