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Nov 07 2009

Vannathirai magazine about Endhiran

Posted by admin in Endhiran Shooting Details

This news is about Endhiran-Robot film, very little information is released in the production house group’s magazine called "Vannathirai".



Climax scene where Rajini fights with 100 Robots was shot for 25days.

Computer graphics work involving Hollywood technicians at Perungudi and Prasath lab required only Rajini Sir to work for 50 days.

Endhiran’s another speciality is ecofriendly aluminum composite foil is used to build sets for this kind of major action film.

Rajini non-robot’s song was picturised in Peru under the choreography of Raaju Sundaram.

In Hollywood based sets song sequence for Robot rajini has been picturised. Choreographer Lawrence.

Song sequence of Rajini and aishwarya Rai has been picturised in Brazil using 40 ultra modern cameras.

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